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How to Swap on ReefSwap with Reef Chain Wallet

Pairing your computer and mobile device is a power combination

On 27 June 2024, Reef Chain entered a new era of capability. With a beautiful new mobile app and DEX now available, which also unveiled Reef Chain’s new compatibility with the incredibly popular WalletConnect protocol, Reef Chain is now prepared to foster a comprehensive on-chain ecosystem of decentralized finance protocols, games, NFT projects, and more.

To help everyone complete their first swap, we have prepared a series of tutorials that shows you how to swap three different ways: on the web using Reef browser extension, using Reef Chain Wallet to connect to ReefSwap on the web, and fully within Reef Chain Wallet.

Swapping on the Web with Reef Chain Wallet

To start using ReefSwap in your web browser, you need a few things:

  • A laptop/desktop computer

  • Reef Chain Wallet mobile app

  • REEF tokens in your wallet

If you have all three prerequisites, you’re ready to visit in your web browser and start swapping!

  1. Visit

  2. Chose the WalletConnect connection option

  3. Launch Reef Chain Wallet on your mobile device

  4. Tap the white and blue ‘W’ icon in the top-right corner of the app, then tap “Create new connection’

  5. Make sure to give Reef Chain Wallet permission to access your camera, then scan the QR code displayed by ReefSwap

  6. After scanning, hit ‘Approve’ when prompted, and Reef Chain Wallet will connect to ReefSwap via WalletConnect

    1. You’ll be greeted with a list of tokens in your wallet, and recent wallet activity in your web browser

    2. You can close the connection options at this time

  7. We recommend visiting the Pools page so that you can see all the options available

  8. Find the token you want to swap, and make sure you have the paired token (e.g. REEF/DST’N), then click ‘Swap’

  9. Enter the amount of REEF (or other token you’re selling) into the field, and the number of tokens you will receive will automatically populate

A portion of the ReefSwap interface showing a trade in the REEF/NVV pool that's ready to be processed
  1. The slippage tolerance (how much price movement you’re willing to tolerate) defaults to 0.8%. Depending on the amount of liquidity available in ReefSwap, this may or may not be sufficient. You might need to increase the slippage tolerance for a large buy order of a small volume token.

  2. Once you have confirmed you’re happy with the trade setup, hit ‘Trade’.

  3. A modal will pop up that contains all the parameters of the swap. If it looks correct, select 'Confirm Trade.'

  4. Reef Chain Wallet will display at least one transaction if you’re selling REEF. If you’re selling another token, you will have two transactions to confirm: one to allow selling the token on your behalf, and then the second one to process the trade itself. Both transactions are mandatory.

  5. You will see a trade confirmation and some confetti on-screen after the trade is processed 🎉, and the tokens will be deposited to your wallet!

A swap transaction as displayed in Reef Chain Wallet when swapping REEF for another token; hitting 'Sign Message' approves the transaction

Congratulations on completing your first swap on ReefSwap using Reef Chain Wallet! If you have any questions, comments or suggestions on how to improve it, please join the ReefSwap community on Discord or mention ReefSwap on X.

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