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Reef 2023 Year In Review

As 2023 draws to a close, we at Reef are thrilled to present a recap of our remarkable journey this year, celebrating remarkable growth, innovation, and community engagement.

As we celebrate Reef’s expansion and successes with 15,000+ active wallets on Reef Chain and a global community that continues to thrive, we remain committed to pushing the boundaries of what's possible. Our accomplishments are not just numbers—they are a reflection of trust, innovation, and collaboration that fuel our journey.

In this recap, we take pride in sharing the achievements that stand as a testament to our relentless pursuit of excellence in the Web3 space.


  1. BRN Metaverse Integration: In a significant move, BRN Metaverse set to integrate their upcoming NFT Marketplace into the Reef Chain ecosystem. This development is set to open up new avenues for our community to mint and sell NFTs using $REEF, enriching the experience within the BRN Metaverse. Learn more.

  2. Collaboration: Exciting news for our Indian and Turkish community members as Onramp integrated into Reef Chain, providing seamless $REEF on-ramping solutions and making it easier for users to engage in the Reef ecosystem using their local currencies. Learn more.

  3. Web3Auth Integration: We welcomed Web3Auth to the Reef ecosystem. This integration aimed at revolutionizing user onboarding, offering a pluggable wallet infrastructure that enables access to dApps via familiar login methods like Google or Facebook login, while ensuring high security with passwordless registration. Learn more.


  1. The Dapp List: Reef went live on The Dapp List, a community-curated discovery platform for Web3. This integration allowed users to track and support projects building on the Reef Chain, fostering a robust and interactive ecosystem. Check it out here.

  2. Bitpanda:We are delighted to announce that Bitpanda, a leading digital asset service provider with 3.5+ Million user base, listed $REEF to its platform. This expanded $REEF's accessibility to Bitpanda's extensive user base. Learn more.

  3. StealthEX: StealthEX listed the $REEF token, making it accessible against a wide array of assets and offering convenience and security in asset exchange options. Learn more.


  1. Scuba Testnet Launch: Launched Scuba, the new Reef Testnet. Scuba indexer provides enhanced block data access and query options to ensure that all dApps keep performing as the Reef ecosystem continues to grow. This launch also celebrated the integration of Subsquid, empowering developers to build faster and tailor-made dApps on Reef Chain. Read more.

  2. Reef Labs: The launch of Reef Labs showcased our commitment to supporting and empowering developers and teams, creating innovative DeFi, NFT, Metaverse, and GameFi projects in the Web3 space, and accelerating their journey through the Reef Chain. Reef Labs aims to nurture talent and aid in the productization of innovative ideas in the Web3 space. Read more.

  3. $10 Million Accelerator Program: We announced a $10 Million Accelerator Program focused on supporting Middle East-based Web3 projects on Reef Chain. Managed by Reef Labs, this program aims to incubate and invest in promising developers, founders, and teams. Read more.

  4. Reef DC: Launched Reef DC, a unique club designed for innovation, collaboration, and growth of every enthusiast within the Reef ecosystem. It's set to push the boundaries of technical advancement and foster a strong community of tech enthusiasts and developers. Since its inception, Reef DC has recorded massive participation with 850+ registrations, 250+ members, 150+ attendees in Live events, and 100+ daily active developers. Read more and join Reef DC here.

  5. 2.0 Launch: 2.0, a comprehensive InfoHub for Reef, was launched, offering insights and information about everything in the Reef ecosystem, created for the community by the community. Learn more.

  6. Store: We announced the launch of Reef.Moda, the official merchandise store for Reef Chain, where the proceeds from sales are donated to ocean conservation efforts, aligning with our commitment to environmental sustainability. Read more.

  7. Explorer Series Launch: Introducing the Reef Explorers Series, we took the community through the uncharted lanes of Web3. This series, hosted by Reef DevRel, Janesh Balchandani, sheds light on the Reef ecosystem and beyond. Watch now: Ep #0, Ep #1, Ep #2.

  8. Season of Docs: Introduced the Reef Season of Docs, a unique initiative to bridge the gap between developers and documentation in the Web3 space. This program aimed to foster collaboration between technical writers and developers, ensuring user-centric and accessible documentation, recording a whopping 750+ registrations, 180+ participants, and 125+ submissions. Read more.

  9. Reef DC University: Opened the doors of Reef DC University, a program designed to nurture talent for the Web3 revolution. Featuring real-world case studies, brainstorming assignments, lectures on various topics, and live workshops, Reef DCU served as a hub for knowledge and innovation, recording 400+ registrations, 150+ participants, 90+ daily active developers, and 8+ Lecture TownHall sessions. Read more.

  10. Dev Arcade: Get a sneak peek of the Reef Dev Arcade, a dedicated website for developers set to launch soon. It is set to offer a range of development tools and solutions, making it easier to get started and innovate on the Reef Chain. Check here.

Ecosystem Development

  1. Reef Chain 10,000 Wallet NFT Drop: We successfully completed an exclusive NFT drop among the wallets, celebrating the achievement of reaching 10,000 wallets on Reef Chain. Learn more.

  2. Witnet: Witnet made its decentralized multichain oracles available on Reef. This development brought essential tools like price and data feeds and a random number generator, enhancing the capabilities for Reef developers on both testnet and mainnet. Read more.

  3. Bitstack: Bitstack joined the Reef ecosystem, strengthening its infrastructure and on-chain data services and building top-tier Web3 products with Reef. Read more.

  4. Subsquid: Subsquid, a leading blockchain indexer, successfully integrated into Reef Chain Mainnet. This development aimed at simplifying access to on-chain data for the Reef community and empowering developers to create custom GraphQL APIs for advanced blockchain applications. Read more.

  5. CredShields’ SolidityScan: We announced the integration of CredShields’ SolidityScan into ReefScan, aimed at enhancing security audit capabilities for our developers. This integration allowed for thorough review and vulnerability checks of smart contracts on our platform. Read more.

  6. wowTalkies: Decentralized fan engagement platform, wowTalkies is set to integrate into the Reef ecosystem. This integration introduced a Web3-enhanced experience for fan communities globally, marking a new era in fan engagement on Reef. Read more.

Projects Developing on Reef

  1. Sqwid: The first NFT Marketplace on the Reef Chain launched with great excitement as it opened an ocean of possibilities and opportunities for artists and fans in our community. Sqwid provides artists and fans with the most secure and seamless experience for minting, listing, buying, or selling NFTs. Learn more about Sqwid here.

  2. Mosaic Protocol: The next-gen fiat-pegged stablecoin platform, Mosaic Protocol, is coming on the Reef Chain to allow the community to borrow MoUSD against their $REEF tokens. Learn more about Mosaic Protocol here.

  3. Reef Frogs: A unique NFT collection of 222 artistic and mutant frogs who found their home in the Reef ecosystem after undergoing transformative physiological changes after a catastrophic tidal event. Stay tuned to learn more about Reef Frogs. Learn more about it here.

  4. ReefSwap Incentivized Testnet: The launch of ReefSwap Incentivized Testnet marked a significant milestone in the reef ecosystem. It allowed the community an opportunity to engage, explore, experience, and earn through active participation in the testnet. Learn more.

  5. Reef Avatar in BRN Metaverse: Dive into the BRN Metaverse with the Reef Character, an ancient warrior reborn. With a magic sword and unmatched skills in water control and healing, he's set to dominate the seascapes of the metaverse. Check it out here.

  6. ERA Healer Character, Reef: Meet ERA's Healer, Reef – a warrior with extraordinary abilities in water control and healing. This character brings a unique dimension to the gaming experience. Check it out here.


  1. Yahoo Finanace & featured Reef Labs’ $10M Accelerator Program highlighting how it supports and propels Web3 projects built on the Reef Chain based out of the MENA Region. Read now!

  2. NewsBTC featured Reef Labs' launch of $10 Million Accelerator Program Cohort 1, aimed at supporting the developments and projects of developers, founders & teams, representing a significant stride in advancing Web3 adoption. The selected projects from a pool of over 450 applications showcase a diverse range of groundbreaking ideas in gaming, social networking, wallet solutions, and compliance, underscoring Reef Labs' commitment to shaping the digital future. Read more.

Accelerator Program Cohort 1 Projects

  1. AlterVerse: Binance Labs-backed project AlterVerse secured first place in the Reef Labs $10M Accelerator Program, bringing its platform for creating stunning Web3 games using Unreal Engine on the Reef Chain. Read more.

  2. Rariko: Securing a spot in the Accelerator Program, Rariko, a decentralized social network, brought its decentralized social network to Reef Chain and expanded Web3's horizons with its social graph and native client-side app features. Read more.

  3. Coinvise: Coinvise, a decentralized creator platform, is set to integrate and build its unique platform on Reef Chain to enhance community engagement and offer educational content, aiming to grow and engage the Reef community. Read more.

  4. Plena Finance: An AI-driven wallet solution provider, Plena Finance got shortlisted to integrate and build on Reef Chain. They aim to revolutionize the DeFi space with their self-custodial wallet, boosting community engagement through various gamification and social interactions. Read more.

  5. Astra Protocol: A decentralized KYC provider, Astra Protocol secured its deserving slot in the program to build and integrate its compliance solutions into Reef Chain. Astra is on a mission to amplify security across Web3 with educational content on decentralized compliance. Read more.

  6. dot.GAMING Studios: Joining the program, dot.GAMING Studios aligned its gaming ecosystem and Reef Chain with their Web3 game, Sailwars, set to debut on Reef Chain. This development promises an exciting gaming experience and exclusive in-game NFT access for the Reef community. Read more.

  7. Petobots: Part of the Accelerator Program, Petobots is set to integrate its unique gaming ecosystem with the Reef Chain to enhance its robotic pet battle game. They aim to expand their global reach and engage the Reef community with exclusive NFT collections. Read more.

Program Partners for Reef Labs Accelerator Program

  1. Partnership: teamed up with Reef Labs as the preferred launchpad for projects in the Accelerator Program. GameFi will offer early access and potential IDO/IGO/INO plans for chosen projects, enhancing their launch and growth prospects. Read more.

  2. BreakFirst Fund Collaboration: BreakFirst Fund joined the Reef Labs Accelerator Program, signifying a major step in supporting innovative Web3 projects. They'll provide backing to selected projects, offer access to their network’s launchpads post-due diligence, and assist in product building with reliable resources. Read more.

Events & Workshops

  1. BuidlTheReef Workshop: This workshop featured an in-depth session with Reef Developer Lead, Matjaz, and Subsquid Developer Advocate, Massimo Luraschi. It focused on demonstrating the topic: “Blockchain indexing by example: Process transfers of $REEF”. Watch now.

  2. Reef DCU Lecture TownHall Jaipur: A two-day event that included engaging educational sessions, networking opportunities, a live workshop, and a developer boot camp. It was a successful gathering with over 60 developers and enthusiasts, resulting in the creation of more than 50 smart contracts. Learn more.

  3. Reef dApp Academy: The academy released comprehensive tutorials on how to port dApps to Reef. The videos provide step-by-step guidance on deploying smart contracts on Reef Chain, building and deploying dApps, and verifying smart contracts. Watch Part I/read the Guide and Part II/read the Guide.

  4. Setup a Reef Node on Spheron: Spheron's decentralized hosting solutions are supporting dApps on the Reef Chain. Check out this workshop on How to set up a Reef Node on Spheron. Watch now.

  5. New GitHub Repository: Launched a new GitHub Repository for developers and builders to find the essential materials and resources required to build on the Reef Chain. Check here.

AMAs & Interviews

Delved into the core of Reef with various projects to share insights and engage with our community. These sessions offered unique insights, fostering deeper connections and understanding of the Reef ecosystem.

In short, 2023 has been a crucial year for Reef, marked by breakthroughs, integrations, and a steadfast commitment to our community. The milestones we've achieved, from listings and integrations to the launch of innovative programs, highlight our dedication to shaping the future of Web3.

As we look forward to another year of growth and innovation, we extend our heartfelt gratitude to our community, whose unwavering support makes this journey not just possible but truly extraordinary.

Here's to a future that's even more connected, innovative, and expanding like Reef!

About Reef

Reef is an EVM-first blockchain designed to make Web3 accessible for the next billion users. Reef offers high scalability and affordable transactions and utilizes Nominated Proof of Stake, extensible EVM, and on-chain upgradability.

Reef is the future blockchain for NFTs, DeFi, and gaming. It can easily accommodate the needs of the future of Web3 development. Reef is an ideal blend of old and new, a trait that makes it eternal and timeless.

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