Reef April 2023 Recap: Ecosystem Expansion & Community Growth in MENA and beyond!

Reef April 2023 Recap: Ecosystem Expansion & Community Growth in MENA and beyond!

After launching Reef.Moda, Reef continued to make strides towards solidifying its foundation as the premier L1 blockchain globally while successfully positioning itself as the blockchain of the MENA region.

Our community's unwavering support has always been a driving force, and we hope to see this affection flourish even more in the future. To provide a concise overview, we've compiled a summary of the month's most important highlights for you!

Ecosystem Updates:

  1. CredShield x ReefScan: CredShield will integrate its smart contract security audit tool called SolidityScan into ReefScan to help Reef developers review their code. This integration will ensure codes built on the Reef Chain are secure and free from vulnerabilities. Learn more about the integration here.
  2. BRN Metaverse to integrate Reef Chain to its NFT Marketplace: BRN Metaverse, an innovative tech platform built on Binance Smart Chain, supporting projects in Metaverse, NFT, and GameFi fields, will integrate Reef Chain into its upcoming NFT Marketplace. With this integration, the Reef community will be able to mint and sell NFTs using REEF tokens, and explore the BRN NFT Marketplace. Learn more about the integration here.
  3. Ecosystem Overview: To share a bird’s eye view of the entire Reef ecosystem, an ecosystem overview including all the projects built on and integrated with the Reef Chain was released. The overview features all the projects/protocols in 7 different categories - Exchanges, dApps, Auditors, Wallets, NFTs, and GameFi, DeFi, and Infrastructure. The complete list includes a total of 70+ projects that includes Binance, Kucoin, Huobi, and Biconomy, amongst many others. Learn more.
  4. Reef Wallet NFT Drop: Following the celebration of 10,000 wallets on Reef Chain, Reef announced a special NFT drop which was completed last month. It was announced to the community participants recently to check their wallets for their surprise NFTs. Everyone successfully received all the NFTs, and gladly accepted them. Learn more.
  5. Reef Mobile Wallpaper Collection: Reef released a number of quirky and interesting wallpapers that highlight its theme colors and logo for both mobile and desktop. They were widely celebrated and admired by the community with some members even sharing and posting pictures of how they used these wallpapers personally. Here’s a quick glimpse of some pictures from the community. Find the wallpaper collection here.
  6. Credshields Twitter Spaces: On 18th April, Derek Silva, Reef’s Operations Lead, hosted a Twitter Spaces with CredShield’s Co-founder and CEO as a guest. The session included discussions of CredShield integrating SolidityScan into ReefScan to aid code review for the developer community on the Reed Chain. Learn more about the Twitter Spaces here.

Video Releases:

  • dApp Builders Video: Reef offers simplified solutions to enable faster development and limitless growth for dApp & builders and this video conveys that in just a few seconds. This video is an excerpt that displays Reef’s rich and expanding ecosystem. Watch the video here.
  • As adoption in Web3 is meeting new All Time Highs gradually, we released a short video to express Reef’s commitment towards fuelling innovations in the space by supporting the development of next-gen DeFi, NFT, Metaverse, and GameFi dApps/projects, starting with MENA. Watch the video here.

AMAs: There two insightful AMAs conducted in the month of April to discuss Reef’s highlights in two different categories.

  • Roadmap Edition: Hosted by Operations lead, Derek Silva, where he discussed the 2023 Roadmap for the Reef Chain that includes past milestones, partnerships, development progress and future goals. Learn more about the AMA here.
  • AMA Developer Edition: Hosted by lead developer, Matjaz Hirsman, where he discussed developer progress and plans on the Reef Chain. There are numerous initiatives and programs on Reef for the developer community and Matjaz shared details about the same in the session. Learn more about the AMA here.

That’s a wrap for April! Remember to never miss any update by following Reef on different social channels.