Reef Browser Extension Reimagined

Reef Browser Extension Reimagined

The Reef browser extension has received a big update, including brand new features and a fresh visual update that will make the user experience smooth for anyone to use.

Using the Reef extension allows you to create accounts and safely sign transactions right through your web browser. You can access it no matter where you are browsing on the internet, making it the ideal application for crypto and NFT enthusiasts.

With the latest update to the Reef extension, you can now keep track of your accounts, transfer native REEF and other tokens, and even swap and exchange tokens from ReefSwap pools directly through the extension.

Let’s dive into the new features and functions in the latest version of Reef chain extension.

Download the Reef browser extension

To start, you want to download the Reef browser extension to your browser. Currently, the updated version is available on Firefox while you can use the older version on Chrome until we publish the update there as well. After getting the extension, you will be able to dive into the Reef extension and take advantage of all its new features.

You can download the Reef extension right here or check out this guide for further assistance.

Create or connect accounts to explore the Reef extension

After downloading the Reef extension, it’s time to create an account or connect an existing Reef account. You create an account by pressing the “+” at the top right. After that, you will receive a mnemonic seed that you should keep in a secure place where you can find it, as it helps restore your wallet.

The next step asks you to name the account and give it a password. Note that you can create several accounts, so this tool is excellent for keeping track of different wallets designed for different purposes.

Following those two simple steps, your account will be ready and visible in the “account” section of the application, where you can manage all your accounts.

Easily track your Reef tokens

When your account is ready, you can navigate through the different views using the navigation bar at the top. The first icon you will bump into is the “Tokens” tab, where you will see an overview of your Reef tokens for the account selected.

The overview will also show you the token value in $USD, allowing you to keep track of your available tokens and their value.

Swap and send tokens with a few clicks

The next tab is the “Send Tokens” tab, where you can send Reef tokens to a different address. You can send by typing in the address manually or press “select account” if you want to send tokens to one of your other Reef application accounts.

Right below, you will be asked to set the number of tokens you want transferred. When typing the amount, it will show you the total value of the tokens in $USD right below, along with your Reef tokens' balance.

Next to the “Send” tab, you see the “Swap” tab. Here, you can swap native REEF for other tokens available in ReefSwap pools. Simply select the token you want your REEF swapped to, and enter the amount.

If you want to go into detail, you can click the “Settings” wheel at the top right and modify your transaction. If you aren’t satisfied with the default 0.8%tolerance, you can set the slippage tolerance manually. You are also able to set a new deadline.

Those are the new features in the Reef browser extension. The application will continue to receive updates to make the extension as functional and user-friendly as possible for everyone to use!

Stay up to date with everything regarding the Reef extension on our website or join the Reef community through our social channels.