Reef Explorers Series Episode #0 Recap!

Reef Explorers Series Episode #0 Recap!

In the first episode of the Reef Explorers Series, hosted by our DevRel, Janesh Balchandani, we take a journey through the Reef Chain, a cutting-edge Gen III Layer 1 blockchain.

Read the recap below to learn more about the session.


Hello & welcome to all the Reefians to Episode #0 of the Reef Explorers Series. Today we are going to take you all through the uncharted lanes of Reef Chain. So let’s get started on All things Reef!

Reef Chain is a modular Gen III layer 1 blockchain introduced to shape the future Web3, and with time it has evolved to become the hub for all sorts of dApps such as DeFi, NFT, Gaming, Infrastructure, and more. It incorporates EVM-compatible architecture with MultiVM support. It uses the Nominated Proof of Stake or NPoS consensus model where developers can build the next state-of-the-art DApps.

Why Choose Reef Chain and NPoS?

Now you all be wondering why NPoS and not PoS. So, NPoS combines the security of PoS with added benefits of stakeholder voting, where only nominated nodes are allowed to participate in block validation. NPoS is designed to incentivize good behavior and filter out malicious activity on the blockchain. Such features make Reef Chain an ideal choice for developers to build and expand their dApps/projects.

Developer Support and Tools on Reef Chain

Moving forward to more about Reef. We are going to explore Reef Chain’s Developer Support system, which offers a variety of in-house tooling infrastructure to enable smooth onboarding into the Reef Ecosystem.

Tools such as Reef Wallet Extension, Reef Exclusive Remix IDE, Reef Hardhat Support, and Reef Web3 Provider help in the whole development process.

Reef Wallet Extension allows safe interaction with Reef Chain without exposing private keys. It allows account creation and binding EVM addresses to interact with EVM Smart contracts.

Reef Exclusive Remix IDE provides an in-house development environment for developers.

Reef Hardhat Support is for contract testing and deployment.

Reef Web3 Provider is for establishing a connection to interact with the network.

An Expansive Ecosystem

The ever-growing ecosystem of Reef Chain incorporates a vast number of Exchanges, dApps, Wallets, DeFi, NFT, Gaming, Infrastructure & Security projects. With prominent names such as Binance, KuCoin, Sqwid, Huddle01, Halborn, Klever Wallet, Subsquid, Push Protocol, and many more.

Future Plans and Highlights for 2023

Reef also has a very exciting & promising plan for 2023, where the key focus is going to be on User Experience, Platform Features & Performance, Ecosystem Growth, and Developer Support. Some of the Key Highlights are:

Reef Mobile Wallet: which will allow you to access the power of Reef Chain right from your pocket. The wallet will also be integrated with the most used dApps, such as DEXes and NFT marketplaces on Reef Chain.

Reef Mobile UI Kit: The UI kit will contain built-in tools and components which will tremendously reduce the technical barrier for building mobile dApps on Reef Chain. It will also have a consistent design language and support for popular mobile frameworks.

On-chain Governance: Reef community members are already able to nominate validators as part of on-chain governance, and this year we’re going to extend it. Community members will have a voice in all the decision-making related to the Reef Chain governance.

DAO Tooling: Managing the Reef DAO will be an involved process where we’ll also empower our community by providing all tools and applications which will be essential for seamlessly governing and managing the Reef Chain.

Reef dApp Store: We will be launching the Reef dApp store, where users will be able to see and access the dApps deployed on Reef Chain all in one place.

This will immensely help users to track, analyze and even discover new decentralized applications best suited to their requirements.

Developer Programs such as Open-Source Activities, Hackathons, Bootcamps, Workshops, etc.

Well, we are not going to stop here, but these are some of the most exciting plans that I really feel like sharing with the community.

Reef Labs Accelerator Program

So now as we have covered most of the areas, I would like to share an alpha with the community about Reef Labs.

Here at Reef Labs, we are going to help passionate developers bring their ideas to fruition. The program will support developers building on Reef Chain through all means possible, whether it's technical know-how, networking opportunities, or even financial aid. To expand this initiative, we have introduced the Reef Labs $10 Million Accelerator Program where we aim to assist, foster, and invest in aspiring Web3 developers, teams, and ventures. We’re confident that this initiative will go a long way in attracting the best minds to Reef Chain.


So at the end of all the discussions that we had today, I am confident that you all will have a clear picture of Reef Chain, and you all will take a deep dive into the whole Reef ecosystem and start exploring and building on all your great ideas. For any doubts or queries, you all can join Reef’s social channels, and we, the Reef team, will be more than happy to help you out anytime.

For the next episode, stay tuned for more updates and Alphas! I hope you all really enjoyed today’s episode.

With this, I, Janesh, the Lead DevRel Engineer, will be signing off. Peace Out!

About Reef

Reef is an EVM-first blockchain designed to make Web3 accessible for the next billion users. Reef offers high scalability, affordable transactions, and utilizes Nominated Proof of Stake, extensible EVM, and on-chain upgradability. Reef is the future blockchain for NFTs, DeFi, and gaming. It can easily accommodate the needs of the future of Web3 development. Reef is an ideal blend of old and new, a trait that makes it eternal and timeless.

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