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Reef July 2023 Recap: Reef DC, RSoD, Accelerator Program, & More

July has been a month of great progress at Reef. From the Accelerator Program to Reef DC, and beyond, Reef recorded several milestones. That’s not all. After the success of Reef Punks, Reef Frogs NFT Collection is set to launch on the Reef Chain and our community has already started showcasing their support and anticipation towards it.

Let's dive deep in to recollect each success and update of this month at Reef!

Reef Labs’ $10M Accelerator Program:

  • Rariko, a decentralized social network, was the newest entrant to the Reef Labs Accelerator Program and harnessed its vast resources and expertise to supercharge its journey. By teaming up with Reef, Rariko amplifies its outreach and position itself seamlessly in the decentralized ecosystem.

  • Coinvise, a decentralized creator platform, benefits immensely from its association with the Reef Labs Accelerator program. Beyond mere integration with the Reef Chain, Coinvise will evolve into a significant platform for growth & engagement, leveraging Reef's robust network to enhance user engagement.

  • Plena Finance, the AI-driven self-custodial wallet with groundbreaking Account Abstraction support, has not only secured its position in the Reef Labs $10M Accelerator Program but has also leveraged the program's perks to redefine its capabilities. This collaboration promises a vision that will push the boundaries of DeFi.

  • Astra Protocol, a decentralized KYC solution, by aligning with Reef Labs, has strengthened its commitment to ensuring a safer Web3 space. Their integration promises to set higher standards in regulatory compliance, ensuring both parties harness the best of each other.

  • joined the Reef ecosystem as the preferred launchpad for the selected Accelerator Program. Their extensive ecosystem and its user-centric methodology make it an ideal launchpad for budding projects. Find out more about this collaboration.

  • Reef Labs Accelerator Program Website launch. A new dedicated website for the program was unveiled, detailing the vision, application process, and perks of being part of Reef's journey. Take a look at the website now.

Reef DC (Decentralize Club) Launch

We're ecstatic to introduce the Reef Decentralize Club, or as we affectionately call it, Reef DC. This is the hub where innovation meets collaboration in the Web3 space with an exciting prize pool of $50,000. Whether you are a developer, a designer, a Web3 expert, or someone with an interest for decentralized technologies, Reef DC is your new home.

Over 200 applications have already been received for Reef DC, marking the start of an innovation wave in our ecosystem. Don’t wait. Dive deeper into what Reef DC offers.

Reef Season of Docs

The Reef ecosystem is also delighted to launch the Reef Season of Docs (RSoD). It is an initiative where developers and technical writers collaborate to enhance our ecosystem's accessibility and user-centricity. We believe in empowering our Web3 community through documentation. Learn more about RSoD.

Understanding Reef’s Architecture

A comprehensive blog post was shared, giving readers an inside look into the Reef Chain architecture, highlighting its Node Architecture, Core Libraries, NPoS Consensus Mechanism, and the use of Blake2 Cryptography. Read the full article.

Q2 2023 Report

A special mention was made about the milestones achieved in Q2, including the Accelerator Program's launch, various integrations, tech updates, launch of 2.0, and more. Read here.

Reef's Technical Developments

From Custom EVM binding app to enhancing fund bridging from Ethereum, get technical insights into all. Other updates include launch of a dedicated buy $REEF app for dApps, supporting faster loading times and optimization of Remix for enhanced user experience. Verified contract owners on ReefScan now have the luxury to set custom icons. Learn more.

Reef dApp Academy Video Release

A new video tutorial on porting a dApp to Reef Part 2 was released, aiding developers in navigating the Reef Chain's offerings. Click here to watch the full video.

Reef Explorers Series

Two episodes were rolled out this month, shedding light on the Accelerator Program, Reef's vision, its role in MENA's Web3 space, and the design and architecture of the Reef Chain. It's an opportunity for anyone looking to understand Reef's direction and offerings. Here are the two episode which were released:

Episode #1: Reef Labs $10M Accelerator Program
Episode #2: Reef Chain Architecture

Understanding Reef Bond

ReefBond is revolutionizing the realm of consensus participation. Beyond just being a game-changer, it's a testament to meticulous and advanced smart contract design. This community staking bond stands out, especially when diving deep into its technicalities.

A prominent highlight of the ReefBond Smart Contract is its utilization of several libraries and interfaces. These have been sourced from the highly regarded OpenZeppelin contracts. Here's a closer look.

Features, Interviews & AMAs

  • Derek E. Silva, our Operations Lead, joined a Twitter Spaces with Galileo Protocol discussing the promising future of NFTs and the Metaverse, alongside The Delysium & IQ Protocol. Catch up on the insightful discussion here.

  • Derek also joined a Pitch Perfect podcast session with Sophie, highlighting the Reef ecosystem, its solutions, achievements and more. Check it out here.

In conclusion, the Reef team and the community are shaping the future of the decentralized world. As Reef continues to contribute to the future of Web3, there's much anticipation for what's in store in the coming months.

Stay tuned for more updates and developments as we embark on this exhilarating journey together.

Cheers to an ever-evolving and expanding Reef ecosystem!

About Reef:

Reef is an EVM-first blockchain designed to make Web3 accessible for the next billion users. Reef offers high scalability, and affordable transactions, and utilizes Nominated Proof of Stake, extensible EVM, and on-chain upgradability.

Reef is the future blockchain for NFTs, DeFi, and gaming. It can easily accommodate the needs of the future of Web3 development. Reef is an ideal blend of old and new, a trait that makes it eternal and timeless.

Stay tuned to our socials, and never miss any update from Reef!

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