Reef May 2023 Recap: New Launches, Extensible Programs, Greater Milestones & More!

Reef May 2023 Recap: New Launches, Extensible Programs, Greater Milestones & More!

This May, Reef made significant strides towards strengthening its mission to make Web3 accessible to the next billion users. Various launches, programs, and releases kept this May all packed up.

This article provides a comprehensive recap of major milestones and updates Reef achieved this month.

Ecosystem Updates:

  1. Reef Labs $10M Accelerator Program Launch: By launching a $10M Accelerator Program, Reef aims to foster innovation and dApp development on the Reef Chain with holistic development support, including financial aid, post-launch support, mentorship, and networking opportunities, with a focus on expanding the Reef ecosystem. MENA-based Web3 devs and teams (external) will also leverage Reef's global network for investment and incubation opportunities. Apply to get an Accelerator from Reef Labs here.
  2. Binance Connect and Reef Chain: This is an integration that allows Reef Chain to access the fiat on-ramp solution through Binance Connect, enabling a seamless and simplified way for projects to participate in the Reef ecosystem while streamlining the onboarding process for millions of users worldwide. Read more about the integration here.
  3. BitStack and Reef Chain: Reef Chain onboarded Bitstack, a professional Blockchain Infrastructure and on-chain data provider in Web3, in its ecosystem to build the best Web3 products and make them accessible to the next generation of users. Read more about it here.
  4. Bitcoin News Feature: Bitcoin News featured Reef highlighting its newly launched Reef Labs $10M Accelerator program and how it’s designed to support and propel Web3 projects built on the Reef Chain based out of the MENA Region. Read more about the feature here.
  5. Reef dApp Academy Video: Reef released a Reef dApp Academy video on YouTube covering details for users to port their dApps to the Reef Chain. This video contains step-by-step instructions for users to learn how they can deploy smart contracts on the Reef Chain. Click here to watch the video.
  6. Twitter Spaces with BRN Metaverse: On May 3, Reef hosted a Twitter Spaces with Akasha Sinha, VP Marketing and Growth from BRN Metaverse as a guest speaker to discuss their partnership and future plans for further developments.
  7. Reef NFTs on BRN Metaverse: With an interesting update for the gaming community, Reef chain announced the launch of Reef NFTs to power battlefields on BRN Metaverse’s upcoming game. The NFT was displayed in a video released by BRN Metaverse on Twitter which will be followed by more exciting updates. Read more about it here.
  8. More about the Accelerator Program: To enlighten the Reef Community about the various benefits and reiterate the opening to its Accelerator Program, Reef released a tweet with the application forms to ease the registration process for all its community members. Please apply to the program here.
  9. Reef Accelerator Program Video: Ensuring that the community members learn about the Accelerator Program through various mediums, Reef released a video announcement over the numerous benefits and solutions it wishes to offer through the Accelerator Program. Watch the video here.
  10. 2.0 Launch: The ultimate platform for Reef's frequently asked questions, launched on May 31, 2023. This Community Initiative by Reef Community introduces exciting new features, including a revamped Reef Rewards Calculator, TOP64 Checker, and Validator Statistics accompanied by captivating charts. The platform's fresh design in the Reef Ui Kit enhances the overall user experience.
  11. Reef Product Tweet: Emphasizing Reef’s simplicity for developers to build their dApps on and the ease it offers, Reef shared a tweet conveying the same while sharing its product docs for developers to learn more from. Read more.

By launching the $10M Accelerator Program, integrating with Binance Connect, collaborating with BitStack, and foraying into NFT-based gaming, Reef has reinforced its commitment to driving innovation in the blockchain space.

Furthermore, its proactive communication concerning the minting of REEF coins and the clarity around its products showcase the organization's values of transparency and user-centricity. The myriad of activities conducted by Reef throughout the month not only underscores its dynamic nature but also sets the stage for further advancements in the coming months.

Stay tuned for more updates!