Reef Q2, 2023 Recap!

Reef Q2, 2023 Recap!

Greetings, Reef Community,

The second quarter of 2023 has been an exceptional chapter in Reef's journey, and our progress and significant achievements are detailed in this report.

This quarterly summary showcases Reef's commitment to fostering greater innovation in Web3, starting with MENA & beyond.

Tune in to take a rundown of all our Q2 accomplishments:

  • Reef Labs $10M Accelerator Program Launch: We announced and initiated this extensive program for fostering innovation and dApp development on the Reef Chain. Learn more.
  • Binance Connect Integration: A collaborative move to streamline the onboarding process for millions of users worldwide, Reef Chain embraced Binance Connect. Read more about it here.
  • Bitcoin News Feature: Bitcoin News featured Reef highlighting its newly launched Reef Labs $10M Accelerator program and how it’s designed to support and propel Web3 projects built on the Reef Chain based out of the MENA Region. Read more about the feature here.
  • AlterVerse Joins Reef Accelerator Program: Binance Labs-backed project, AlterVerse secured the first spot in the Reef Labs' $10M Accelerator Program. It plans to integrate its game creation platform into the Reef Chain and launch an NFT collection. Participate in the ongoing Sky City Closed Beta access. Learn more about it here.
  • Reef Explorers Series: Launched an insightful talk show series, where Reef DevRel, Janesh Balchandani delved deep into the world of Web3 with industry, Reef Chain, and more. Don’t miss to check out Reef Explorers Series Episode #0 and Episode #1.
  • Update:, a comprehensive guide to the Reef ecosystem curated by the Reef Community, was released in June. This knowledge hub provides insights and discussions on all things Reef, and covers a broad landscape of topics, ranging from answering questions and offering useful features to providing user tutorials within the vast Reef ecosystem. Take a look.
  • Onramp Integration: Onramp, a fiat-to-crypto solution provider, joined the Reef ecosystem to provide seamless $REEF on-ramping solutions for a large number of users in India and Türkiye. Read more about this integration here.
  • Reef's June Tech Updates: Reef Chain went through notable advancements with the Custom EVM binding app, a dedicated Buy $REEF app for dApps, custom icons for verified contract owners on ReefScan, and various optimizations and fixes. Learn more about it here.
  • CredShield’s SolidityScan Integration: Enhancing security for developers by integrating CredShield's SolidityScan into ReefScan. Read to learn more.
  • BRN Metaverse Integration: The innovative tech platform BRN Metaverse integrated Reef Chain into their NFT Marketplace. Read to learn more.
  • Ecosystem Overview: We shared an overview of the Reef ecosystem growth, featuring 70+ projects categorized under exchanges, dApps, auditors, wallets, NFTs, GameFi, DeFi, and infrastructure. Check it out here.
  • Reef 10K Wallet NFT Drop: To celebrate 10,000 wallets on the Reef Chain, we organized a special NFT drop for the Reef community. Learn more about it here.
  • Reef Mobile Wallpaper Collection: A collection of quirky and interesting wallpapers released for the community. Find the wallpaper collection.
  • dApp Builders Video release: Reef offers simplified solutions to enable faster development and limitless growth for dApp & builders, and this video conveys that in just a few seconds. This video is an excerpt that displays Reef’s rich and expanding ecosystem. Watch the video here.
  • AMA Sessions: Two insightful AMAs were conducted to discuss Reef’s highlights in two different categories: Roadmap Edition and Developer Edition. Check them out now!
  • Twitter Spaces: Credshields and BRN Metaverse.
  • Reef x Bitstack!: Bitstack, a professional Blockchain Infra & on-chain data provider, joined the Reef ecosystem to offer our community greater solutions to accelerate the building and scaling development of new applications. Read more about it here.
  • Reef dApp Academy Video: A detailed video guide was released for users to port their dApps to the Reef Chain. Watch the video.
  • Reef NFTs on BRN Metaverse: With an interesting update for the gaming community, Reef chain shared the first look of Reef NFTs to power battlefields on BRN Metaverse’s upcoming game. Read more about it here.

Wrapping up this report, we are both humbled and motivated by Reef’s achievement in the recent quarter.

As we step into the third quarter of 2023, we are excited to broaden our reach and further our collaboration to add to our list of successes. We are grateful for your continued support on this journey. Here's to making Q3 even more remarkable!

Keep an eye out for more updates.