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Technical Update: First Fortnight of May

Reef’s Technical Update is a bi-weekly newsletter aiming to break down and represent the technical changes, integrations and news from the whole ecosystem in a language that all community members can understand.


Checkout the brand new addition to the Reef DApp Academy: HardHat guide (blog)

Reef dApp Academy: Deploy and Interact with Contracts using Hardhat (walkthrough video)

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  • Reef App

    • NFTs have made their way to the Reef App, making it one of the nearest native substrate implementations to display NFTs outside any marketplace.

    • Introducing the new ‘Pools’ page, more interactive and simplified than ever before!

    • Direct Reefscan (explorer) link provision for contracts of ReefEVM tokens.

  • Reef Explorer (Reefscan)

    • V12 is public which features additions of contract transaction order, verification source, arguments assert and support for deleted contracts’ events.

  • Reef HardHat

    • Updates to the EVM provider come with simplification of contract deployment by eliminating the need for adding parentheses after the contract name.

    • Added support for license verification along with the existing contract verification.

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