Technical Update: Second Fortnight of May

Reef’s Technical Update is a bi-weekly newsletter aiming to break down and represent the technical changes, integrations, and news from the whole ecosystem in a language that all community members can understand.

Technical Update: Second Fortnight of May


Reef dApp Academy: Binding an EVM Address (walkthrough video)

Ecosystem & Partners


  • Reef App

    • Graphical redesigning has been done for the Bonds(staking) page.
    • Dependent libraries and yarn.lock updated.
    • Token Creator got revamped with new contract data, customization of the token as mintable or burnable, license verification, and liquidity pool creation support.
    • The Swap page got updated with the options and fixes for liquidity adding/removal as well as real-time token prices.
    • Environment version and dependency updated to the newer version of reef-react-lib.
  • Reef Explorer (Reefscan)

    • V13 went live which features additions of the following things:
      • *Contract transaction pagination.
      • Support for formatting as per the ^‘Short Number Format’ (example: 1000 will be shown as 1k).
      • Display of extrinsics/transactions transferring all REEF tokens to a new address (aka reaping of the older address due to 1 REEF existential deposit requirement).
    • V14 is now public featuring the following new items:
      • Formatting account transfers, account token balance in ^‘Short Number Format’ and shows symbols for every case.
      • Improved contract verification method.
      • Contract execution now processes arguments correctly reducing the loading time for the display of transactions.
  • Reef Browser Extension

    • Introducing v1.0.x: Massive restructuring has been done to add ‘Tokens’, ‘Transfer’, ‘Swap’, ‘Dashboard (Accounts)’ panels within the extension.
    • Dependencies/ yarn.lock updated.
    • Deprecated ‘New Account’ preloader.
    • Minor fixes and optimizations included.
  • Reef HardHat

    • Contracts will start compiling at the ‘integration test’ stage, reducing the total time required for the compiling.
  • Reef JS SDK (reef.js)

    • Metadata updated.
    • New release v1.1.0: Supports Reef v9 upgrade.
    • Updated yarn.lock dependencies as per the v1.1.0
  • Reef UI Kit (reef-react-lib)

    • Network selector functionality added.
    • Reef signer (extension) binding added.
    • Added support to fetch the Reefscan URL for contracts.
    • Pools’ logic, price estimator, and option to remove liquidity included.

Core Runtime

  • Rust version updated from 1.53.0 to 1.59.0
  • New Pallets
  • ‘Created Event’ logic updated for EVM.

Relevant research resources:

* Contract transaction pagination:
^ Short Number Format: