Year in Review 2022: Reef Awarded the Best Ecosystem by Middle East Blockchain Awards!

Year in Review 2022: Reef Awarded the Best Ecosystem by Middle East Blockchain Awards!

What a year! Adoption, listings, integrations, remarkable sponsorship, significant milestones, and increasing prominence in the MENA region as the best Gen-III L1 blockchain!

The credits for all these accomplishments go to our community worldwide— the builders, creators, stakeholders, and users and their continued support.

As the year draws to a close, Reef looks back at all our remarkable successes and milestones.

Key highlights of 2022:

  • Became the Title Sponsor of ETHDenver 2022.
  • Reef won the Best Ecosystem Award at the Middle-East Blockchain Awards hosted by Arabian Business amidst the 2022 Abu Dhabi Grand Prix race weekend.
  • Reef CEO & Founder, Denko Mancheski, joined a panel at Binance Blockchain Week Dubai; Reef was one of the lead sponsors of the event.
  • Binance joined the Reef Chain validators family, and now it will directly participate in validating transactions and making our blockchain best-in-class in terms of security.
  • Reef sponsored the 2022 Abu Dhabi Grand Prix Race Weekend, managed by The Rich List Group. We took this opportunity to interact closely with some other players in the blockchain industry, attending the event and spreading the greater word about our ecosystem.
  • Reef was everywhere in Dubai and Abu Dhabi.
  • Coinbase Custody supported deposits and withdrawals for $REEF tokens.
  • 300K+ strong Community on socials.
  • Built a stronger student developer community.

New listings; massive accessibility: With increased crypto-friendly regulation and crypto adoption across the Middle East & North Africa (MENA), Reef established its prominence and became one of the leading Gen-III Layer1 blockchains in the region. As a result, various renowned centralized and decentralized exchanges and wallets listed $REEF tokens, making Reef more accessible worldwide.

These listings included platforms: Binance.US,, Atomic Wallet, Bitget, CoinDCX, Wirex, WhiteBIT, Biconomy Exchange, StealthEX, MEXC Global, Celer Bridge & Shield Wallet.

Remarkable expansion; excellent Adoption: Enhancing the experience of our community and devs, smart solutions providers joined Reef. All these platforms/protocols stand out by their offerings but are united by one goal as Reef: making Web3 smarter, faster, seamless, and scalable. The platforms/protocols include Openfabric, OnFinality, DystoWorld, StackOS, Uquid, Spheron Protocol, and Ethereum Push Notification Service.

Features from World’s Reputed & Leading Media Houses: The Reef CEO & Founder, Denko Mancheski, was featured and interviewed by many prominent media outlets, where he shared some greater insights about the Reef ecosystem, roadmap, developments, and more. Denko got interviewed for Entrepreneur Middle East magazine and Entrepreneur YouTube Channel. He also appeared in the BitBoy Crypto Live, and Binance Live and was listed among the Top 10 Inspiring Business Persons in the Middle East in 2022 by Forbes.

Reef’s continued growth brought us into the limelight multiple times this year, spreading greater awareness about our ecosystem. Some of the most insightful and interesting coverages include Binance Learn & Earn Program and the Mad Investor interview.

Projects building on Reef Chain: To actively contribute to the future of Web3, Reef continues to supercharge next-gen DeFi, NFT, and Gaming dApps with simplified tooling solutions. Throughout the year, a range of projects chose to migrate and build on the Reef Chain, considering it the best infrastructure for their unique dApps.

These dApps include Huddle01, Curate,, Isekaiverse, Souls of Meta, BRN Metaverse, Gangsters Paradise, and Tank Wars Zone. While Jungle Race became one of the first projects to receive grant support from Reef’s $20M Grants Fund, Sqwid, the First NFT Marketplace on Reef Chain, also went live in September, allowing greater opportunities for our community to get their hands on unique NFTs and digital collectibles.

Making it smarter with continued innovation: As Web3 expands and evolves, the demand for the latest, better, and smarter solutions are also surfacing. Reef acknowledges such needs and thrives to offer all the crucial tooling support in the most simplified manner to users and developers.

With launches like ReefScan v2, Reef Indexer upgrade, Community Staking Bonds, and Reef Card in UK & EEA, we are taking the next step with upcoming launches: Reef Mobile Wallet & Multi-VM support.

Workshops and Hackathon: Meeting the community in person is always a great experience, and this year we get more such opportunities at Developer Evangelist program at Indore, BITS Goa, #Web3HackDays Bengaluru, and TechFest IIT Bombay.

Each crowd shared a unique story but a common interest in Web3 and Reef. At #Web3HackDays Bengaluru, we came across talent that blew our minds with some coolest dApps submissions, making them an integral part of the Reef ecosystem in the future.


This year Reef Team attended major Web3 events worldwide, meeting our community and Web3 enthusiasts, and exchanging valuable insights, including:

And with that, 2022 comes to an end with achievements setting the perfect tone for our upcoming plans and launches. The road is paved, and the goal is clear. In 2023, Reef will bring a never before seen wave while considerably contributing to the future of Web3.

Stay tuned to never miss an update!