Job Opportunities on the Blockchain

Job Opportunities on the Blockchain

Today, Blockchain is the fastest-developing tech industry.  This has led to so many job opportunities in Blockchain and they keep growing quite remarkably too.  Also, a Blockchain professional can earn as much as an IT professional or even much higher.

Why is this?  Well, even though there are many high paying jobs, people having blockchain skill sets are still not many.  To attest to this, big tech giants such as Amazon, Facebook, and Microsoft have created their teams to research blockchain technology.  Professionals with Blockchain set skills are in high demand in almost every sector, even in some governments. Therefore, if you're considering a career in blockchain technology, you are on the right path because it is here to stay.

We have put together job opportunities you can explore on the blockchain.

Job Opportunities In Blockchain

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You probably didn't even know that there are any such positions as the ones listed here, let alone that they are available.  Well, wonder no more.  Just read along and find out what the jobs are and how available they are too.  The top jobs in Blockchain are:

1. Blockchain Developer

Companies direly need developers with the pro skill to help them explore Blockchain platforms.  For that reason, Blockchain development is likely the most marketable career today.  Many top people eagerly want to explore all the potentials of Blockchain.  These are individuals in very high ranking positions who require perfect attention to detail.  Developers are programmers.  They create apps for blockchain.  Typically these developers have had huge experience with C++, Python, and Javascript before they become Blockchain developers.

2. Blockchain Solution Architect

What does the Blockchain Solution Architect do?  Well, it is the responsibility of this professional to design, assign, and connect Blockchain solution components.  He does this with a team of experts.  Such team experts include developers, network admins, UX designers, and IT Operations pros.

3. Blockchain Project Manager

And this individual’s duty?  It is to connect Blockchain projects to other experts.  These other experts must develop Blockchain solutions.  A Blockchain project manager must have the skills of a conventional project manager.  And to grasp the technical aspect, this guy must also thoroughly understand the technology.  He must have excellent communication skills.  This skill is handy when he addresses non-technical staff when he provides useful updates, and when needs to get resources from his bosses.

4. Blockchain UX Designer

Blockchain tech has been incorporated into so many industries today.  For that reason, both its design and its user interface are getting complicated.  That leads us to the role of a Blockchain designer.  It is his duty to shape a user interface that induces trust and is appealing to regular users.  The person must pay great attention to detail and be artistic in his touch.  But most importantly, he must be hardworking.  This is because his line of work requires being behind his computer for innumerable hours.

5. Risk Analyst

Risk analysis is one of the highest salaried blockchain jobs globally.  What does a risk analyst do that he earns that much?  As the title suggests, it is his duty to assess risks, assist in programming, and product improvement.  His duties also include information analytics as well as project documentation.

6. Business Analyst

The job of a business analyst covers examining whether innovations and/or up-grades are viable.  His main duty is to evaluate technologies.  This person investigates what kind of products attract target audiences.  It is also his duty to assist with useful services that are tagged customer-centric.  He does this through analytical, coding, and statistical know-how.

7. Crypto Community Manager

Marketing and client interaction executives play pivotal roles in MNCs today.  Usually, the executive in charge of such roles is the Crypto Community Manager.  His role includes working as a network administrator to track and present engagement statistics and overall marketing layout.

8. Blockchain Jobs in Banking

In the banking industry, the use of blockchain tech has grown.  This has opened up career chances for blockchain experts too.  So why is Blockchain tech so popular in banking now?  Simple: it boosts efficiency, increases security, keeps records fixed, quickens transactions, and cuts cost by eliminating third-party. With the Blockchain tech in banking, smooth, seamless operations and nearly all-around efficiency have been noticed.  

As they launch Blockchain tech, companies also seek legal advice on what to consider while investing.  Concerns arise about what their actions might imply, about handling their finances, and about managing their identity.  So the Blockchain Legal Consultant must have great communication skills.  He must also know international law well.  This is because Blockchain is a tech that has no borders.  For that same reason, a Blockchain Legal Consultant needs to master many universal languages.

10. Technical Writer

After companies create new types of cryptocurrencies, they often engage in writing a technical white paper of some 20 to 50 pages long.  They need to use this to attract investors.  The white paper describes the company and the marketing plan for the new crypto.  Not all crypto creators can write the persuasive content required for such.  So professional technical content writers are needed.  The content writer must know about blockchain tech.  He must also spend time studying the particular crypto he needs to write about.

Starting a Career in Blockchain Industry

If you desire a career in the Blockchain industry, you might first need to take some Blockchain Courses.  Doing that will help you achieve some blockchain certification.  While taking the courses, ensure you absorb as much of the basic terms in the field as you can.  This is of utmost importance.  To make it easier for you, there are numerous YouTube videos you could watch.  Also, it will do you well to take part in various blockchain conferences and events that you come across.  


Source: Nairametrics

As blockchain tech keeps growing, many more career opportunities will become available, and the chances of getting hired will multiply.  Experts believe that Blockchain is not only here to stay, but will soon become an important part of both every business and everyday life.  That means all professionals with Blockchain skill sets will continue to be in demand by MNCs, big tech giants, large banks, governments, and even small businesses.  So if you want a career in Blockchain, this is the perfect time to start taking the necessary steps that will get you there!